The University of Cabo Verde created Instituto de Língua Inglesa (ILI), named after Dana Mohler-Faria, the former president of Bridgewater State University.  It was inaugurated on Thursday, December 3, 2016, in Plateau (Praia city).

The institute was named after Dana Mohler-Faria because he helped us structure the University of Cabo Verde from the beginning of its installation; he has played a strong role in developing partnership between Uni-CV and other Universities in the USA. Dana Mohler-Faria is an icon who represents a story of success in the Cabo Verdean in the diaspora.

In an interview, Dana Faria said “my grandparents left this Cabo Verde because of political oppression and poverty; without future and hope they went to America. Therefore, I have the honor to return to Cabo Verde to contribute to the development of Uni-CV and help fix other issues in Cape Verde."

More importantly, Dana Mohler-Faria understands that ILI is an opportunity for many young Cabo Verdeans, who will learn the English language and have a promising future.

People who attended the opening ceremony: Uni-CV`s staff, Director of Documentation and Editing Services, Dr. Elizabeth Coutinho, US Ambassador Donald Heflin, President of Bridgewater State University, Frederick Clark, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the President of the Department of Social and Human Sciences, Professor Irene Cruz, the President of the School of Business and Governance, Dr. Jorge Dias, Professor Zita Vieira, lecturers and other guests.

In October, 2015, Paulo Borges was elected by the English faculty members of Uni-CV, to run the Isntituto de Lingua Inglesa. He began his duties in March 2016. Later on Claudino Dias, a Graduate from Uni-CV joined him as a trainee.

In September 2016, three young graduated students from the University of Cabo Verde, William , Claudio and Fabio began working as monitors at ILI.