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The Instituto de Língua Inglesa (ILI) offers online courses for people, who in any form, find themselves restricted from attending in-class courses due to geographical issues or Force Majeure cases. That is why ILI offers online lessons both for students who attend in-class course and for those who are interested in distance learning

Types of Courses

Individual Course

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Most of the students prefer individual lessons, as it is more flexibile. In this type of course, the students are fully committed to do all the assignments and develop any sort of project that are either of teacher's or students' interests


Group Course

GroupGroup course is not a far cry from the individual course. For instance, the programs, depending on the level of English, are balanced. The only aspect of group course that differs from the individual course is the the video lessons. This aspect requires schedule share amongst the participants in the group.


If the students are registered in online course, and by any chance they want to have one-on-one lessons, both the student and the teacher may create their own schedule.



     * Willingness to learn English.

     * Full commitment and responsibility to cope with the agreement.

How do I register? 

The student must fill in the form; deposit the money regarding the type of course he/she has selected; and then send the receipt of the deposit to ILI so that it can be checked and validated.

After the validation, the student will take a placement test to identify the level of the language. Hereafter, the student will be sent a website guide (weebly) so that he/she can easily manage through the website. After familiarizing with the website, the student will have the chance to start the regular lessons (as scheduled).

Details of Payment:

Beneficiary: Universidade de Cabo Verde

Bank: Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios

Bank Account Number: 2326452

(IBAN): 0004 000002326452101 59

TIN: 350067813